Egypt Makes Headway Towards Exporting COVID-19 Vaccines


Egypt has made progress with regard to exporting COVID-19 vaccines after reaching Maturity Level 3 (ML-3) -- the second highest in the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of national regulatory systems.

This makes Egypt's National Regulatory Authority (NRA) the first to reach ML-3 for vaccine regulation in the Eastern Mediterranean Region and the ninth at the global level.

"Reaching ML-3 offers Egyptian vaccine manufacturers the eligibility to apply for WHO pre-qualification and WHO Emergency Use Listing of their manufactured products, which will eventually allow Egypt to export COVID-19 vaccines to other countries," the WHO stated.

Egypt moved forward to locally manufacture COVID-19 vaccines in leaps and bounds as it signed two agreements in April 2021 with Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac to locally manufacture its vaccine at the Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines' (VACSERA) factories.

In February 2022, the WHO selected Egypt to be among the first six African countries that will receive the technology needed to produce mRNA vaccines on the continent.