Cabinet Extends Reconciliation Period for Building Violations Until Dec 31


The Egyptian cabinet agreed to extend the period for reconciliation on building violations until December 31.

Cabinet Spokesman Nader Saad said that the approval came in response to the demands of many citizens who crowded into the administrative units designated to receive reconciliation requests.

He added that the extension is also in response to the requests of several NGOs currently preparing to bear the cost of payment of the reconciliation value for people in needy villages.

In line with this extension, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy decided to extend the deadline for submitting requests for installing digital electricity meters in buildings illegally connected to the electricity supply until the end of 2020.

The meters are a temporary fix and are to be replaced when the buildings are reconciled with or removed if the building is to get torn down.

The ministry has received more than 930,000 requests to switch the method of calculating electricity consumption from the traditional system to code meters.

Both deadlines have been pushed a few times over the past few months.